Primary Colors by Joseph Schupbach

Primary Colors by Joseph Schupbach seeing spots My eyes were pressed firmly into two slimy black rubber tubes as I began to examine a grayscale depiction of a happy Caucasian family sharing lunch on the lawn. My school nurse began her inquisition promptly uttering, “What do you see?” I answered with an obvious reply and … Continue reading

Take It, Yeah by Sean Schmidt

Take It, Yeah by Sean Schmidt I’m a fisherman out on the waves You are the big fish pulling me from the bay In only a row boat, I drift out from shore; For the trust of my fish I’ve traded my oars.

Seventeen by Brian Carpenter

Seventeen by Brian Carpenter I don’t feel the way people say i should i’m doing everything i can but it’s all no good is it just growing up or am i misunderstood my mom says i’m getting taller and i don’t want to see my dad this would be a love song but there isn’t … Continue reading

A New Look

Pigeonholed Press on Tumblr has freshened up a bit. We’re following more folks, incorporating more stuff, and happier with our new look. Let us know what you think and if you’re a Tumblr user please give us a follow. Enjoy!

Realize Culture: An Epicentre for Art, Publishing, Skateboarding, and Love

Realize, a zine and all sorts of things. Realize Culture exists out of Oakland, California, but surely transcends beyond it. The folks behind it spend their time near and around the West Coast, attending art shows, concerts, and skate parts and actively involving themselves with their community through graffiti, art, photography, and much more. Check … Continue reading

Three Short Stories from Brian McKenney

ADIEU I. FOR GOOD MEASURE, every Tuesday evening when Caleb Gorman’s fiancé drove into the city to play second violin for the symphony orchestra, he would wait exactly fifteen minutes before promptly heading out the door behind her.  It took him approximately another fifteen minutes to arrive at his destination, leaving him all of 3 … Continue reading

Mother Mary: A Short Story from Kelly Cooper

Mother Mary by Kelly Cooper The state of Fourth Street remained still this particular Monday morning. Trees, grey and nude, stood as motionless as statues. Nobody was out for a morning walk, no raccoons sifting through last night’s trash, as if they too knew not to go outside. Everything in Charleston was stagnant—everything except the … Continue reading

Poetry from Jenna Kilman

J’adore The flip of your lip; swelling & crackled between forefinger and thumb growing succulent ripples raw biting and across the room kisses the way you sicken me with beauty when you know how to poke my tenders, the feelings that trail behind me all day grabbing at my ankles like toddlers begging for attention … Continue reading