Vintage Furniture From Timothy Burkhart

Pigeonholed Press has featured the work of Timothy Burkhart before and his Nikon L35AF People V. Places photography is a favorite. Now however, we’re giving space not to his artwork but to his furniture. This collection of low-fi, unedited snap shots from Burkhart feature a collection of vintage furniture that he finds. We appreciate Burkhart’s affinity with old, lived … Continue reading

Photography from Neven Samara

Pigeonholed Thrift Plug!

Our little sister company, Pigeonholed Thrift, another creation from Miranda where she buys and sells vintage collectables and pieces on Etsy. Pigeonholed Press is doing it’s duty in announcing that there are some new items up for grabs, from winter jackets, leathers and corduroy and more, to cozy sweaters to a few new dresses. Have … Continue reading