Cole Garrett Photography

Cole Garrett is a young photographer from the central coast of California. See more of his work at his website or Tumblr. Advertisements

Photography from Stephanie Bassos

Stephanie Bassos of the People V. Places project recently launched her new Facebook page. We thought we’d give her a little love and share some of her work. Much more to see at the link.

People V. Places: A Double Exposure Project from Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart

Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart have two different styles when it comes to their photography, but they differ in ways that only naturally blend once combined, as is often the way with things that are different. With the series below the two have used the art of double exposure to create images that represent the … Continue reading

Rushing Under My Wheels: A Photo Series from Sean Schmidt

There is some irony to this feature, with its coupling of a disposable camera and a renewable resource. The life of a bicycle and a cyclist shot through one of those cardboard and plastic cameras, the ones we all used to use before their were digital cameras or we found our grandmothers vintage Polaroid, is … Continue reading

Vincent Glielmi

More work from Vincent Glielmi can be found on his Flick site.

The Lens Baby Presents

See more of Courtney’s work at The Lens Baby.

Drag Photography from Anita Whitemann

Photography from Neven Samara

The Face of Volunteerism: A Photo Project

The Face of Volunteerism “This portfolio documents the face of Volunteerism across DuPage County, Illinois in 2010 and 2011. It is a completed assignment which studies the people, emotions, and ways in which Volunteerism is enacted in the western suburbs of Chicago. The project was commissioned by Giving DuPage, a Chicagoland nonprofit promoting and coordinating … Continue reading

Realize Culture: An Epicentre for Art, Publishing, Skateboarding, and Love

Realize, a zine and all sorts of things. Realize Culture exists out of Oakland, California, but surely transcends beyond it. The folks behind it spend their time near and around the West Coast, attending art shows, concerts, and skate parts and actively involving themselves with their community through graffiti, art, photography, and much more. Check … Continue reading