the Flying Lady and the Chicago Connection

“Music lies in its purest form when an artist is inspired to share an emotion. All too often, by the time an artist has the financial means to record their music, that initial spark has been lost. Flying Lady Sound Collective was founded to give voice to the artists who pour their heart and soul into their music, but don’t have the money or experience to record in a traditional studio environment. It is a place dedicated to free creative expression, where musicians can express themselves without worrying if they’re going to be able to afford another take if they make a mistake.” -Vince Cimo of Fly Lady Sound Collective

The Flying Lady Sound Collective is a non-profit music studio bent on capturing the pure creative expression of sometimes starving, sometimes fed, up-and-coming artists. From music to spoken word, the Flying Lady Ranch does a little bit of everything, with countless instruments laying around, ready to be picked up and played, to a full accommodation eco-friendly design, complete with outdoor shower and in-ground swimming pool. The track below is the Php favorite so far from the Flying Lady, whose feet are just getting off the ground, and features the Cimo family band, the Chicago Connection, with mother, father, and brothers, a dulcimer and violin, tender harmonies, and solid folk roots. Head over to the Flying Lady Sound Collective website to get in touch or hear more music.


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