California For Christmas: A Poem from Sean Schmidt

California For Christmas
By Sean Schmidt

i am going to california for christmas.

and maybe, if im lucky
there might be a big earthquake
that cracks the state clean off the crust,
leaving cliffs by carson city,
forming beaches on the vegas strip,
and while we sink
ill go down by the ocean
to watch the water swallow me up

its always warm in california.
with convertible cars and white wall tires
and i am always the passenger being taken someplace exciting,
where people are excited to see me,
and It always feels like the beginning of something

thats california,
thats why i am going.
when its always warm, who cares about christmas
not my co-worker
who drank himself to death,
but before, got hitched in cali on christmas
to a thai woman for 15K,
and a used Camary

he was a bastard, but i bet it felt good
that falling feeling
and a big Fuck You
with the windows down
all alone on the One
to nowhere special,
at christmas

Find out more about Sean and what he does at his website.


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