Sweet Sounds

Finally, Pigeonholed Press is putting out their first music post. Below is a collection of small-time and growing musical groups and solo artists from past and new contributors. Have a listen and let us know if you like anything in particular. Send your music to us, at Pigeon.holed@yahoo.com.

Born from a Slapstick show back in 1995, 5 surviving members embarked on a ludicrous exhibition to play music, together, again. This time, with less youthful energy and more wiley eyed cynicism. Fresh Women were added vocally and 3 part horn harmonies help sooth the ears while a dense, thumping bass whiles the days away oh so discreetly. OnYourMarx has enjoyed many compliments and wants you to know why that is. See for your self, and leave the pragmatic optimism at home. Members include Roger Chavez, Kevin Lustrup, Lailah Reich, Steve Katz, Kathleen Irion, Pete Kruse, Bill Stuglin, and Tim Schuett.

On You Marx’s Twenty-Ten(2010)

On Your Marx’s Lay Down

Find out more about On Your Marx by checking out their website.

Peaking Lights is Aaron and Indra from Rah Dunes and Numbers new duo project recently relocated to Madison/ Rural Wisconsin from the Bay Area. Floating electronic pulses, controlled feedback, tape loops, organ, synth, guitar, and vocal harmonies layered into waves of four track noise pop goodness. The perfect soundtrack to walking in mysterious places, haunted neighborhoods, lost river banks, and bike rides at night

The Peaking Lights, MIXXED-UP

Check out Peaking Lights on Facebook or at Last.fm.

The group known as Public Defendaz is a diverse collection of talented musicians who represent their personal views through the lifestyle and music of Hip Hop. The group started in 2006 when five individuals came together and formed Public Defendaz. Their purpose, to bring audiences a quality of music that directly reflects the word of the people. By combining their driving forces of lyrical wordplay and versatile productions, this group from various regions of California band together to preserve Hip Hop’s true elements. The group consists of Oktapus, Royal, Taktical, IyayI, and J4RD.

Public Defendaz Correlated Patterns

Public Defendaz Dreamer

Keep up with Public Defendaz on their Myspace or Facebook.

Dont let the tool compromise the vision. Some call Aaron Peterson  ‘fun-loving’ and ‘spontaneous’ when really he’s just laughing. Aaron has a habit of leaving his jacket on and he loves his silver bracelet. Yash & Meera are his favorites.

Aaron Knut’s Games You Play

Aaron Knut’s For Suckers

Hear more of Knut’s work at his Souncloud.

Zach Dundundunn’s Rather Die

Zach Dundundunn’s High and Wide

Check out more of Zach’s sounds on his Souncloud.

From inspirations of love and love Lost comes one of the most enjoyable groups out of the central coast of California, The Tipsy Gypsies, featuring the lovely Hilary Langdon on vocals, Guitar players Toan Chau and Forrestt Williams, drummer Sean Sullivan, and Double Bassist Matt Reeder. These are the best musicians the area has to offer, but the chemistry the Tipsy Gypsies has during their packed live performances is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Tipsy Gypsies My Love

The Tipsy Gypsies Glory Box

Head to The Tipsy Gypsies website for more info and more music.


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