An Ode to Feist, with Metals in mind

Feist’s fourth album, Metals was released in the U.S. on October 4th. We’re excited. So here, we’ve dedicated a post to the musician by putting up our much, much, much loved music videos from her over the years and throughout her career. Since Metals was promoted with a few short viral videos featuring bits of tracks and some making of the album, all seen on her website and other social networking sites, we thought a little throwback was necessary. The fact that Feist continues to use videos in such artistic and musically driven manners, puts Pigeonholed on the fast track to our happiest place. Enjoy.

1. 1234

Duh, we know you obviously remember this one. It was simultaneous with the explosion of American Apparel love in the world.

2. I Feel It All

Fireworks, running in a big field, a black and white striped shirt, her bangs… we want to go to there.

3. Mushaboom

An early one, but we’re sure you remember. Hard to forget.

4. My Moon My Man

Dance numbers galore! We want more, more, MORE!

5. And look, if you’ve never heard this one, just listen. It’s not a music video, it’s a remix, from Spoon front man Britt Daniel. Superb.


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