These Are a Few of Our Favorite Blogs

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when we’re feeling sad, we simply remember our favorite blogs… and then we don’t feel so bad. Pigeonholed has put together a quick list of some of the blogs we’ve been checking out lately. A few of these blogs are created and updated by close friends of ours, some by friends of friends, and others by people we don’t know (yet?). Have a look through the list and let us know what some of your favorite blogs are.


Glitter and Grunge: A Little Bit of Both

Christine Bourie does this awesome throwback blog dedicated to the likes of fashion, music, and anything startlingly subversive. With its retro and gritty feel we love passing the time by catching a glimpse of the exotic gems she’s found today. Glitter and Grunge is a sharp smack in the face, the kind of sting that feels too good to be true. Bourie is also the partner of one of our more regular contributors, Patrick DeCarlo and a devout member of the team at Total Recall Vintage, a fantastic boutique in Miami, Florida, created by Bourie and DeCarlo . Check out the clothes at


What Goes Here: Short Form Workbench

Sara Marcus is the author of 2010’s Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution, in which the Riot Grrrl musical and political scene is explored. Her blog is an extension of the book and a great way to keep up with the current effects that the movement is still offering up currently.


An Afternoon With...

An Afternoon With…  is a project about people and their places. We came across this blog on WordPress and fell deeply, deeply in love. Where Apartment Therapy can start to feel slightly square and at times a little conservative, An Afternoon With… focuses on those places that are a little bit more unlike the rest and those interesting people that create and inhabit them.

4. or

Sarah Goodreau: Illustrator

Sarah Goodreau describes herself as such on her Blog’s About page,

“i am a freelance illustrator and puppet maker.
i like strong coffee and fur coats. bike rides and whiskey sunsets.
i reside on a brick road in between two old canals in amsterdam.”

We like Sarah Goodreau. Her prints make perfect desktop backgrounds and her intermittent cocktail recipes are utterly fantastic. But mostly her drawings and insights are a wondrous mixture of magical, sad, and larger then life expressions. Take some time and take a look.

Vasare's Visual Wonderland: Photography/ Illustration/ Fashion/ Art/ Design

At Vasare’s Visual Wonderland we love the vibe. It’s primarily a fashion blog and it’s feminine but edgy feel puts us in a somewhat nostalgic mood, wafting through the beauty that can be found in a consumeristic society.


By Niki: Photography

A photographer from France, we came across Niki’s blog consisting of her own personal photographs and were hugely impressed. Not only are her photographs exceptional, capturing rare scenes and moods, but she matches the background color of each post to match the specific photo, and it’s SO cool.


Whole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook

Whole Larder Love is actually a food blog, but dispersed within are amazing photographs taken by the creator as well as some wonderful around-the-house sort of insights. We love this blog because it approaches food from a very local, very organic viewpoint, in which an ancient way of living is brought back to life. The food isn’t bad looking either.


Knit the Hell Out: More Obsessed With Each Passing Stitch

This little knitter blew us away. We love her designs and her pics to boot. She teaches as she goes, with easy to follow instructions, so even if we never actually copy her designs, which we love to look at anyway, we at least feel good about reading them.


Passing Thoughts: Figuring Life Out, One Nap at a Time

Hannah Freya Schupbach is the little sister to one of our regular contributors, Joseph Schupbach, and when we discovered her blog we nearly had a stroke of love. Especially since we’ve been trying to get her to submit her own photography for some time (she’s a very busy girl, I mean just check out her blog). Hannah puts together a stream of conscious style blog, offering us a glimpse into her extraordinary little life.

10. or

Too Much Hot Sauce Kills Brain Cells

Leslie Bloom is a LEED accredited professional with a bachelor degree of architecture + sustainable environments. Her blog is a mixture or smart and silly. She looks at the environment around us and the structures and forms that fill it, offering up a unique perspective and interesting things to look at. Plus we can’t get over the name…


I Was a Landscape in Your Dream: And All My Mountains Were on Fire

Past contributor of photography and jewerly making guru, Melody Shirazi offers up a blog all her own. I Was a Landscape in Your Dream is a blog dedicated to somehow soft and still brutally feminist images and feelings. You get fashion and arts and a whole lot of Melody.



Ken Ove, a visual artist from Tijuana/San Diego, has offered numerous submissions to Pigeonholed Press so it’s only natural that we love his blog. Depicted in a black and white photo format, Ove dedicates his blog to fashion and a little bit of what beautiful self destruction looks like to us. We love the cigarettes, the skinny legs, the pouty lips, and the somewhat androgynous look into one man’s mind.

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  1. Vasare says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog! 🙂

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