Three More Poems: Joseph Schupbach

write what you know

you made friends with must, and mice and electronic strangers
you fleshed out connections with faceless, voiceless denizens
you sought out vocational refuge in our sticky basement
while your son lay flat upstairs filling his body with chex mix

you took a virtual hot air balloon ride on Christmas eve day
you hugged a digital woman dressed as a sexy kitty cat
you warned us of internet predators’ sticky webbing for adults
while your daughter marinated in pop culture and wrapping paper

i customize my lifeless face, recently given my own erect penis
i stumble through my second life seven feet tall, plastered with bodyhair
i find myself in the gay forest laying beside a dutch gingham blanket
while time slips out my ears worthless as cabbage

tiny barks

your breath stunk
like dachshund and
pool -side margaritas

home churned ice cream
turned inside my
five-year-old stomach
as I plunged in the
turquoise water

those puppies were
ferocious mastadons to
my tiny eyes as their barks
pushed me into the pool

chlorine bled through my
eyelids as I descended,
waiting for your evangelical
arms to grasp my small
shoulders and fish me out

a brown rabbit named ko ko

i confided in my tattered bunny my four-year-old traumas
in my cotton stuffed sidekick i find a silent fuzzy advocate

her furry bottom, still her softest part
her ears, angrily torn at the seams in
a manhattan island “i’ll show you” incident

her lips hidden beneath nineteen-eighty-four fur
a good year for merconium, leap days and
friendship founded on  plush stuffing and saliva

her tiny body revealed no gendered parts or pieces
just a brown rabbit beneath my yellow bed sheets

One Response to “Three More Poems: Joseph Schupbach”
  1. Kathleen says:

    you would never be able to write under a pseudonym…..I would recognize you anywhere.

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