We had heard that the newest issue of Optic Nerve, the 12th in a series by Adrian Tomine would be out today from a source at but aren’t too sure now, when exactly the newest installment is due out. Drawn & Quarterly is saying September and really, regardless, we here at Pigeonholed are extremely excited. So excited that we’ve put together a brief collection of some of Tomine’s work over the years. See more about Optic Nerve and other Drawn & Quarterly comics at

Preview from new issue #12

Preview from new issue #12

Tomine cover for the New Yorker

Another New Yorker cover



Preview from Scenes From an Impending Marriage

Preview from Scenes From an Impending Marriage

Tomine illustrates online dating for an article by Nick Paumgarten in the The New Yorker

"Coco Before Chanel," from The New Yorker

Portion of Tomine's Weezer poster

One of Tomine's Eels album covers

When the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami occured in Japan, Drawn & Quarterly and Adrian Tomine teamed up to raise funds for relief and recovery with these prints from Tomine.

Optic Nerve

Adrian Tomine self portrait


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