What’s On the TV?

What’s On the TV?
by Joseph Schubach

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

thanks to my lovely grandma b, i am in possession of the first five seasons of Murder She Wrote. I have started rewatching the show from the beginning. tonight, mardi gras, i shared the show with my roommate and a few glasses of wine. i watched the pilot, The Murder of Sherlock Holmes and the first episode, Deadly Lady.

first of all. the show is just plain amazing. Jessica Fletcher is a widowed, literature teacher, who accidentally becomes a mystery writer. that would be enough. but she solves murder cases. her intelligence triumphs over all. the pilot focuses on the theme of untrustworthy love interests. i understand this concept too well.

the two hour pilot is mind blowing. angela lansbury is truly an amazing actress, funny in the face of mortality, and just plain wonderful.

i researched cabot cove, ME, where jessica resides. not a real place. BUT luckily someone has done some research on where the fictional town would be. amazing! makes me want to bust out the type writer and sing, “do do do do do do do do do do”.


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