i saw Jesus by the elevator again

i saw Jesus by the elevator again
Words by Sean Schmidt and images by Erik Schneider

I saw Jesus by the elevator again
he was going up from eight to 24 and asked me for the time
He looked like hell and I told him so.
“Yeah well..” he trailed off.
Inside the elevator he told me he was getting let go.
“Yeah, I heard that” I replied.
“Last week, the entire EBU got canned,” I said, “They had a meeting right by the stairwell. Didn’t even pull their photos from the cubes.”
The numbered lights passed 12.
Jesus was quiet.
“This is a bullshit time for everyone,” I said vainly.
“Tell me about it.”
Jesus was a trust fund kid though. Everybody knew he’d be alright.
“Call me if you don’t find anything soon,” I told him.
At 24 the elevator stopped and Jesus stepped out.
I told him to take care,
and felt bad when the door closed behind him.
But by the time I came down from 24, back to my cube, I didn’t feel bad at all
He was back out on the street,
with the EBU and everyone else who got cut.

Photo by Erik Schneider


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