6 Short Poems

6 Short Poems
by Miranda Max

A Salmon Colored Curduroy Skirt

A salmon colored corduroy skirt,
lays, thrown over
the arm rest
of a tan leather chair and,
as always,
appears to be wrinkled.

false figure

there is this false figure which
stands forever in my place with
bright eyes sometimes flushed
with grace
or anger whose hairs a mess and
backs straight she’s
short and wide eyed and forever sees your face.


I apologize
for the fact that my
thoughts shift
and then send the
litter of my mind
twirling about in
small tornadoes
in dark corners


Between the
Phone calls
And Fritos
Is my life.

One Thing

If she
could only
tell you
one thing
about herself
she’d say,
“There’s nothing
that important.”

French Film

The way she cups the back of his head
with her hand and long fingers makes it look
as though she cares, I remember though,
that the movie ends with her fucking
two dudes at once and falling
apart and never seeing him again.
What I can’t remember,
is if the man whose head she
held in the beginning
died or not.


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