10 Best Choreographed Dance Numbers in Film

10 Best Choreographed Dance Numbers in Film

1. A Life Less Ordinary

Maybe her singing is slightly flat, but her haircut is amazing. Diaz in her heyday of interesting films can’t be paralleled. Oh, if it wasn’t for Bad Teacher and Night and Day, we might still have an original actress. Ewan McGregor went on to sing a few more times. A Life Less Ordinary however, is like Trainspotting meets Down with Love. Classy but still on drugs.

2. Band of Outsiders

This 1964 Jean-Luc Godard gem gets top spots on our list of best dances. A flashback to when movies with dancing in them were extremely unique. If focuses on a contemporary dance to a certain time period, and it beats out Step Up any day.

3. Romy and Micheles High School Reunion

So they didn’t really invent post-its. They sure did come up with one hell of a dance routine.

4. Everyone Says I Love You

Levitation. A black tie affair. A city in the evening. Total perfection.

5. The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers came out in 1980, and even with all those Illinois Nazi’s hanging around, people still found time to dance their guts out in the streets.

6. House Party

The best  house party there ever was.

7. She’s All That

One word. Usher.

8. Napoleon Dynamite

If only we’d stumble across a tape that taught us half of this, our lives might be a little less mundane.

9. Chicago

Nowadays, they just don’t dance like they used to.

10. The Fisher King

If this is what being homeless and crazy is like, count us in.


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