Music from Arron Knute

A newer one from our boy, Arron Knute. Check out more from Knute on Soundcloud. Advertisements

Lovelite Flowers

Our friend Andrea Clemmins is the founder and creator of Lovelite Flowers, a flower design company out of East Troy, Wisconsin.

Cole Garrett Photography

Cole Garrett is a young photographer from the central coast of California. See more of his work at his website or Tumblr.

Vintage Furniture From Timothy Burkhart

Pigeonholed Press has featured the work of Timothy Burkhart before and his Nikon L35AF People V. Places photography is a favorite. Now however, we’re giving space not to his artwork but to his furniture. This collection of low-fi, unedited snap shots from Burkhart feature a collection of vintage furniture that he finds. We appreciate Burkhart’s affinity with old, lived … Continue reading

Photography from Stephanie Bassos

Stephanie Bassos of the People V. Places project recently launched her new Facebook page. We thought we’d give her a little love and share some of her work. Much more to see at the link.

Meet the Max’s

Brother and sister Dan and Elle Max are two up-and-coming young talents. As a young model Elle is doing work that speaks for itself and traveling throughout Italy, Paris and Milan while her big brother Dan continues to work in film in Hollywood. Check out some new fashion photography from Elle below and Dan’s latest … Continue reading

Total Recall Vintage

It’s one of our favorite up-and-coming thrift shops and they kill it with quality fashion photos. Here’s a sneak peak straight out of Miami, FL. Shop Total Recall Vintage and follow them on Facebook .

Peter The Great

Nick Morgulis made another movie! We’ll get the whole thing up here at some point, but for now check out the clips. See more and get more info at the Peter The Great Facebook page. Peter is a young naive emigre’ from Russia who pursues the “American Dream” surrounded by thieves, liars, and criminals. Will Peter … Continue reading

Primary Colors by Joseph Schupbach

Primary Colors by Joseph Schupbach seeing spots My eyes were pressed firmly into two slimy black rubber tubes as I began to examine a grayscale depiction of a happy Caucasian family sharing lunch on the lawn. My school nurse began her inquisition promptly uttering, “What do you see?” I answered with an obvious reply and … Continue reading

Take It, Yeah by Sean Schmidt

Take It, Yeah by Sean Schmidt I’m a fisherman out on the waves You are the big fish pulling me from the bay In only a row boat, I drift out from shore; For the trust of my fish I’ve traded my oars.